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We are confident that our software will work for you and we will assist you in every way that we can. If there is a technical deficiency in our program which directly affects your ability to meet a specific need, we will, at our discretion, refund you the purchase price (excluding shipping/handling, if any) within 30 days of purchase.

Cancellation of license for software to be installed on your server or computer

There are several different configurations of servers and operating systems, and we do our best to keep up with them. However, not all may be suitable to run our software.

If you have problems running our software on your server or computer, the solution might be just an e-mail or phone call away. We will assist you to diagnose and fix the problem.

Often the best option is to reside the software on our servers and point your URL to it. You will be given access to a web-based admin interface to manage the software.

Refund Procedure

To request a refund, simply send an email to sales@webgenie.com within 30 days of your purchase.

Since our products are electronically delivered, a "Letter Of Proof of Destruction" on your company letterhead is required. An authorized personnel must sign and fax an agreement stating that you have ceased using the software and all software and associated data have been removed from all storage devices.

Please note that by receiving a refund you are obligated to remove the software and all related files from your web-server and every data medium; your further use of the software will be regarded as illegal unless you obtain a license again.

You will be required to uninstall and remove the application from your computer. You are not required to send the product CD back to us, in the case of physical shipping, but the Letter Of Proof of Destruction  must state that the original CD has been destroyed and no copy of its content has been created on any medium.


A refund is allowed only if the fault lies within our product and is not caused by your server mis-configuration.

We reserve the right to decline refund requests in the following cases:

  • If unsuitability of the product for the customer's purpose is clear from the contents of our web site (for example, if the customer requests a refund due to the absence of features which we never claimed to provide and which are not listed in the features' list for our software).
  • We will decline a refund request if a customer informs us about changing the decision after buying the software, even if saying that the software has been uninstalled and will not be used again.
  • We will not issue refunds for products purchased at discounted prices. You must make sure that you try the evaluation versions carefully to determine the suitablity.
Cancellation of subscriptions to services

Subscriptions to services are to be paid in advance. In the event of a cancellation, while the subscription is valid, a pro-rata refund will be paid. No refund will be paid if the subscription has expired.

A one-month notice is required for cancellation. In other words, the pro-rata refund will be calculated from one month into the future. The amount to be refunded will be calculated by dividing the total paid at last subscription with the number of months subscribed to and multiplying with the remaining whole months.

For example, if the subscription has been paid for until Dec 31 of the current year, and the request for cancellation arrived on 15th June, the refund period will be calculated from 15 July to 31 Dec and rounded down to the whole month (i.e. 5 months).

A one month cooling off period is allowed for the first term of subscription. In other words, if the cancellation request arrived within one month of the start of subsciption, the entire amount paid will be refunded. Such cooling off period is not applicable to renewals of subscription to the same service.

Acceptance of this Refund Policy

It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with this refund policy. By placing an order for any of our products or subscriptions, you indicate that you have read this refund policy and that you agree with and fully accept the terms of this refund policy.


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