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Most conventional shopping carts create catalogs and ordering process suited to the big screens of desktops and laptops. The pages are generally images and style heavy. They also carry more tables, JavaScript and Ajax to make them easier and more pleasing to navigate. These pages do not appear well on the small screens of mobiles. The download times are longer as well.

On the mobiles, the customers access a website when they are ready to order like, for example, a bunch of flowers, a card, a takeaway meal, a restaurant booking, etc. They are not going to the website by a Google search. The sites are generally the ones they have dealt with before and they do not need to learn more about the company, its product range and so on.

The customer just needs an easy and quick ordering process.

A site that is suited to the big screens is difficult to work with on the mobiles. The iPhone and Android may make the pages still navigable, but on a BlackBerry and other feature phones most pages are virtually impossible.

Even on the iPhone and Android, a site that offers quick navigation has an advantage over others. This is because the download speed may not always be good in every location, or at times of day.

Quick display of products and easier ordering process facilitated by this software help increase the sales.

The page is expected to provide the following user experience when using a mobile.

- Quick loading of pages.
- Instant display of selected products.
- Ability to go back and forth between categories, products and order form.
- Quick response when adding to cart and going to checkout.
- Selectable options and defaults, instead of typing in all details.
- Login feature to recall customer details.
- Card details not stored, but sent to the payment gateway.
- Fast order submission and acknowledgement.
- Orders sent to the owner in email and/or SMS
- Acknowledgment sent to customer in email and/or SMS
- Owner admin interface via desktop.

For more details see the FAQs page

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