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  • Why do I need a mobile-compatible online store?

Increasingly, customers are using the mobile phones - mainly smart phones - to do shopping online. After checking out the products in a physical store, many turn to the web for price comparison and purchase. Hence, your online store - which can easily be accessed via a mobile phone - makes you more competitive.

  • Why not my current website instead of a separate mobile store?

Conventional websites - including product catalogs - are suited to the big screens of desktops and laptops. These pages are generally images and code heavy to make them easier and more pleasing to navigate. 

Most mobile devices, especially the feature phones, are not capable of rendering the styles and tables or run the JavaScript functions - exactly as intended. Instead, they display them in a format to fit the small screen and, during this process, some of the layout is lost. This makes the pages to load very slowly and/or show up distorted.

  • How does WebGenie Mobile Shopping Cart solve this problem?

The pages are displayed dynamically in a pre-set format. This eliminates the slowness and distortion caused by the variable layouts of websites. The download speed is increased by limiting the amount of styles, Javascript and images.

  • What are the advantages?

The main advantage is to increase the sales. Surveys showed that 20 to 60% of smart phone owners make the actual purchase through their phone even after visiting a physical store. A store that offers ease of use on a mobile device stands to gain from this trend.

  • Do I have to remake the website?

No! Your existing website can remain as it is. It will be shown to the users who visit via a desktop/laptop browser. Those visitors via mobile devices will go straight to your online store and see the products and catalogs. The same URL will display differently on the desktop versus mobile screen.

  • Will the mobile store look exactly like the dektop store?

No! Due to the constraints imposed by mobile devices, especially the feature phones, the display on a mobile is a cut down form of what is seen on a desktop. The essential elements of the pages are displayed in an uncluttered and easy to navigate format.

  • How do I get started?

You can start a free evaluation within minutes of signing up. Immediately after the confirmation of your registration, you will be able to upload some or all of your products into your account and test the store. The seamless online ordering process will allow the customer to complete the order with a few clicks and you can receive the orders via Email or stored on the server for later recall.

  • How to upload products?

The product list can be maintained as a simple Excel document, saved as Tab-delimited text file and uploaded via your online admin login. Of course, this can only be done from your computer as the product file is generally stored there.

  • How to specify images?

The images must be specified by their full URL (e.g. http://mycompany.com/images/flower.jpg). The Premium users also have the facility to upload the images to our server and give just the filename.

  • Is there any limit?

The standard account has a limit of 100 products and only one mobile store is allowed. Premium accounts do not have these limits.

  • How are orders received?

Orders are sent in email to all vendors. Premium account gives the option to receive them via SMS. In both cases, there is an option to store the orders for later retrieval through secure login.

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