WebGenie™ Site*Sponsor sets up an affiliate tracking software. It is well established that an affiliate software can increase your web site traffic without investing too much in advertisement cost.

Site*Sponsor (SSP) is an affiliate program setup utility that allows your affiliates to register and obtain a cut and paste code to place on their sites. Visitors from such affiliate links will be tracked by a cookie and a sale will be related to the affiliate site where they came from.

Site Sponsor software offers you a cost-effective way to increase the number of your advertisement banners, by giving an incentive to small to medium web site operators to display your banner on their sites in return for an affiliate commission.

"One of the great advantages of the World Wide Web for small businesses is that it gives them a chance to compete evenly with the big people. Site Sponsor helps make the playing field even more level, even for tiny, brand-new Web entrepreneurs" - Dave at DaveCentral (Read full review)

The sponsor program now generates over 15 gigs of traffic a month and over 1.9 million USD in sales. I would say that was a success. If you want to sell anything online, this tracking systems can make the difference.. Ask Me! -- Colin Head, Vancouver, BC Canada

Increase your web site traffic via an affiliate program.


It goes without saying that, other things being equal, sales are directly proportional to advertisement. This is no more evident than on the Internet where the volume of sales follows the number of visitors to your web site.

Of the various ways to increase the visitor counts to your web site, arguably none is better than third party affiliate links

Site*Sponsor (SSP) offers you a cost-effective way to increase the number of your advertisement banners, by giving an incentive to small to medium web site operators to display your banner on their sites.


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How does it work?

There is no better incentive than a financial reward for others to display your banner or link on their sites. The reward can be based on click-throughs or the actual sales achieved. SSP is designed to make it possible for you to automate that process.

The basic operation:

  • You invite your web site visitors, who have web sites of their own, to register as your affiliates. A CGI residing on your server registers and gives them the necessary instructions to display your banner on their site with a link to your web site.
  • Every-time a visitor to the affiliate's site clicks on the banner to come to your site the click will be recorded on your server. Also, a cookie will be used to uniquely recognize the visitors if and when they make an online purchase from you at some future time.
  • You give a commission or another form of reward to your affiliate sponsor based on click-throughs or sales.
  • Periodically you can go through all records to reward your sponsors with their credits. This process can be automated via a CGI that runs at a particular time (say, midnight) every day.


Silver - Limited Number of Affiliates - $79

This version lets you run the system either via your own server or via WebGenie Software's server.

  • The number of affiliates is limited to 300. This limit can be increased by paying a  fee.
  • You will have to run an order CGI (to process your order form) that will retrieve the cookie. Our CGI*Star Professional or Shopping Cart Professional will let you do that transparently, or we can help you customize your third party CGI.

Gold - Professional Edition - $597

This version lets you run the system either via your own server or via WebGenie Software's server, and has no limitation to the number of affiliates or clicks. If using WebGenie's server to run the system, the regular CGI hosting charges will apply.

What are the benefits and drawbacks?

SSP may be used as a low cost advertisement of your site.

Cost saving Following is an example calculation based on "normal" advertisement cost.

  • Cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) at a reputable site is a minimum of $25.
  • At an average 1% click through rate it works out to be $2.5 per visit to your site.
  • Thus, 1000 click throughs per month = 100,000 impressions = $2500 p.m.
  • With SSP it is possible to reach a regular stream of 1000 click throughs per month after about 2 months of operation, with the number increasing as long as the program is in operation.

Payout is controlled by you Unlike regular advertisement you can choose how you pay the commission. e.g. at a "per click" commission of 10 cents to your sponsors the cost is only $100 per month, and you save $2400 per month. With sale-based commission to the affiliates,  the savings are even better and the payout is not upfront.

Identify sites where to advertise Apart from the direct exposure resulting from the sponsored banners you will get to know where the most number of visitors are coming from and enhance it by advertising on that site through a paid banner.


  • You cannot target your advertisements. The users who put up your banner can have any kind of web pages.
  • You have the absolute responsibility of a perfectly honest and efficient operation of the system to pay the commissions.
  • Clicks-based commission system is open to abuse by some sponsors. However, Site*Sponsor does minimize this by recording only one unique click from the same user during one browser session.


Davecentral (Pick of the day, July 7, 1999):
Okay, Mr. or Ms. Web Commerce Entrepreneur, you've been admiring the affiliate programs used by,, and hundreds of other big-timers to drive traffic to their sites. Like the biggies, you're willing to pay commissions to other Webmasters whose sites help you sell you wares. All you need is a simple, inexpensive piece of software that will help you run your affiliate program. And here it is.... Read full article

Extract from LinkExchange Digest:
I hope this post can be of use to everyone. It is in response to the message from Richard Ackerberg in LED#242.

>I want to place banner ads on targeted sites and pay a refferal fee >of $7.50 for each each antique gumball machine I sell through that >site.

There is a software program by the folks at WebGenie ( called "Site Sponsor". I believe it fits your needs perfectly. The website gives the advantages and drawbacks to that type of program, so I won't list them here. (I am not a reseller or a promoter for this company, but I can attest to their great software that I personally use for my websites.) - Thanks to everyone for their feedback about my T-Shirts! Around the Web. ( post (LED #210). We have made some great strides and some of our members are reporting a 30% increase in traffic. We are getting new sites added every week!

Hope this helps,

Rodney Blackwell co-owner/webmaster T-Shirts! Around the Web.


Performance of SSP depends on (1) your web site's initial popularity, (2) incentive offered to your sponsors and (3) popularity of your products and services. WebGenie Software does not give any performance guarantee for SSP on your site.


What are the obligations?

You must be fully responsible for the operation of the program, viz. record keeping and remuneration to your affiliates. This program must not be used lightly, or just for fun, as it is the trust of your sponsors and potential customers that will be lost by doing so. If you are simply trying out the demo version for its effectiveness, then it must be clearly stated somewhere on your page to avoid misleading people.